Head of Performance Engineering & Innovation – Solar Industry

     Ref: Management/DFA/003241
Lieu : Paris Type : CDI Expérience : 5 - 10 ans Date de publication : 08/10/2019

Head of Performance Engineering & Innovation – Solar Industry Réf.Management/DFA/003241

Activité : Énergie
Contrat : CDI
Localisation :

Société :

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Mission :

Within the Direction des Operations of the company, the Head of Performance Engineering and Innovation makes sure that yhe company’s interests (competitiveness, leadership, etc.) are preserved throughout the following missions:

  • Continuous improvement process and accurate implementation by her/his organization of the company’s working procedures and engineering standards related to design optimization of large-scale PV projects.
  • Identification of technical innovations that would come to maturity within 3 years and integrate them in the company’s package of design solutions.



  • Organize the technology watch activities – including commercial, technical and administrative aspects
  • Work together with the Engineering and the Procurement Department to the identification of new and innovative technologies. Define priorities before engaging budgets and resources with respect to the economic and the commercial interests of these technologies, expectations of the Business Developers and the Offshore EPC-PM in terms of Projects’ goals and objectives.
  • Be involved in the technical audit and qualification activities of Suppliers together with the Engineering and the Procurement Department.
  • Supervise the Subcontractors in charge of the technical audits and the qualification activities of new and innovative technologies. Process with the necessary controls and reports on costs and planning associated to these subcontracted activities.
  • Be accountable that the new technologies are integrated into the design procedures of the company. Evaluate the impact of these new and innovative technologies on these said procedures. Propose and implement risk mitigating management plans or solutions when necessary.
  • Once the Projects are under development, ensure that the new technologies are effectively integrated into the different study cases of the projects.


  • Define, improve and apply the procedures, the methods, the tools and the engineering standards related to the assessment of the performance of PV facilities.
  • Ensure that the technical knowledge/know-how is shared internally among all the collaborators involved in the Performance Engineering activities.
  • Analyse the technical documentation related to the projects under development or susceptible to be acquired and, specifically during the tendering phases, prepare the technical documentation to be integrated into the bids (under the coordination of the Offshore EPC-PM).
  • Identify the missing or the incomplete studies (e.g. hydraulic, topographic, geotechnical). Analyse and assess the findings of these studies together with the Subcontractors when necessary.
  • Assess the performances of the different study cases and as per elaborated by the Performance Engineering team.
  • Identify and propose the study cases allowing the assessment of the most optimized solutions on a technic-economic standpoint; meaning the consistency between the selection of the equipment, the CAPEX, the OPEX and the performance.
  • Be accountable for the budgets allocated to the activities and the missions of the Performance Engineering.
  • Be accountable for the performance of the projects up to their substantial completion. Identify risks and opportunities from the tendering phases of the projects and up to the complete execution of the contracts. Deploy the necessary measures allowing to cover these risks and to catch-up these opportunities.
  • Establish lessons-learnt sessions after the completion of the projects in a continuous improvement process purpose. Deploy corrective actions following the lesson learnt sessions on all her/his organization.

Profil :

  • 5+ years of global experience in the Engineering activities of large-scale PV plant projects and particularly in those related to performance guarantees associated to EPC contracts or to the specific conditions of PPA
  • Experience in technology watch applied to the PV and the energy sectors
  • Electrical Accreditation H0B0

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